Tulsi, also known as holy basil, has been used for over 5,000 years in Ayurvedic practice, being relied upon for both spiritual practice and balanced wellness. It is perhaps the embodiment of plant-spirit medicine, being both a historically medicinal herbal ally and a deeply spiritual plant companion in many homes in India and in Hindu culture.  In the beliefs of Ayurveda, tulsi is one of the very special herbs that can influence and align mind, body, and is still used this way today with a wide and dedicated following.

The Tulsi plant today is used medicinally as an adaptogenic herb – a building, strengthening and nourishing plant tonic that helps those most in need of stress support long term. As many can relate, stress can come from a variety of factors, and prolonged stress not only impacts our physical health, but our emotional health and even spiritual health can suffer because of prolonged exposure to stress. Tulsi is one of my absolute favorite herbs for those who have felt stress seep deeply into their psyche. They may be feeling spiritually murky, despondent, or emotionally hopeless, or physically debilitated from exposure to stress. Tulsi is strong and rejuvenating enough to support this kind of deeply heavy and saturating stress, and resonates on each of those healing levels to build one back up from a feeling of stressful debilitation.


Liver protecting
Digestive support

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